"What we like best about Karola's work is the brilliant, powerful colours she uses. It doesn't matter what the subject (from pears to roosters to flowers to domstic scenes), the colours are bright and striking....and we love it! We also appreciate the fact that she is constantly experimenting with new styles, themes and subjects. Every time we visit her studio, there is a big surprise waiting, and while we love to see the variety of styles she has mastered, our favourites remain her non-impressionistic pieces.

We have been buying Karola's work for many years, and always look forward to seeing her newest pieces."

Dr. Riley Moynes. SVP Assante Wealth Management and author The Money Coach


"Karola's abstracts touch the soul, some so painterly their texture pulsates while others draw in the viewer with their juxtaposition of colour and shape."

Judith Tenenbaum, Social Column Reporter, 'HatchMatchDispatch', The Globe and Mail



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